Tactile communication

Touch as a form of communication, and what an important one!
What do you communicate with your touch? Have you ever taken the time to ponder the intent of your physical gift of touch with another person? What does a hug feel like? What does your brush of the skin with your finger tips convey?

“Tactile communication in adult mating, both as foreplay and in intercourse, has been elaborated and refined by some cultures in the most amazing array of erotic patterns which through a variety of tactual stimulation of various part of the body serve to arouse, prolong, intensify, and evoke communication. Here we see tactile communication, reinforced and elaborated by motor activities and language, by concomitant stimulation, visual, auditory, olfactory, gustatory, ad the deeper muscle senses, combined to provide an organic-personality relationship which may be one of the most intense human experiences. ” pg. 200 . Touching, by Ashley Montagu

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Kris Ellen, Professional Sensualist is a Healer, Touch and Intimacy Coach, and Educator. She lives in California and travels the United States offering her gifts. Her passion is to honor and Serve humanity by creating a dialogue to engage the Mind, Body, Spirit. She is blessed to have worked with hundreds of people leading to the inspirational catalyst for change and growth in their lives. She hosts the Bay Area Sacred Sexuality Meet up, and facilitates sessions for Men, Women and Couples to help them create fulfilling, embodied life choices.
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