Blissful sex party review.

Thoughts on my recent energetic dance at a Bay Area sex party.

During  my journey as a blossoming Sensualist, I have been honored to attend numerous sex positive events on the West Coast. Sex parties are a modern day Ritual for the exploration and celebration of our sexual and sensual Selves. We are invited to embody the beautiful, natural, sexual nature of Self and create within a safe, sacred space. What that looks like depends on the person we are in the moment, and how we choose to create in the world.

For 9 years I have been blessed to be exploring these energies, in various communities at various times in my life. My first kinky play party was at Castlebar in San Francisco.  My first sex party was with Club Risque back in 2001. I have seen wonderful performance Art (and been part of a few inspiring pieces myself), I have held sacred space on the Vibes crews of various events. I have offered my Service as Dungeon Monitor.  I have frolicked in a Secret Garden at a Northern CA ranch.

I have experienced lots of opportunity to expand and grow over the years. However this past weekend, I had a wonderful break through. In using the skills I am integrating and exploring with the non-sexual cuddle party (watch for Review parties in Humboldt and Phoenix soon), I opened up those same Relationship skills, and empowered communication dynamics to create one of the most enjoyable events yet.

To feel truly naked, and held in a safe, enjoyable container I desire sacred space. I desire to be witnessed, acknowledge as a sacred being, and understand that is essential to my enjoyment of an event. My heart desires to play in a field of depth and beauty. I bring intensity to a space. It is part of my Gifts. To be held in that strong, powerful container gives me the freedom to unfurl my energetic, orgasmic wings.

For part of the evening, I shared a beautiful dance with a nameless Shiva, and in the perfect moment we saw each other in Divine beauty. We rocked the rafters. Sex can be so much more than two bodies fitting together with friction and chemical interactions. There is so much more to the dance of pleasure, and embodiment. Envision a field of Infinite energetic possibilities.   Breathing in the sounds of others cries of passion, allowing the fullness of our breath to carry my screams of joy to the heavens.

This is the Gift of sacred space. To honor, to be seen and to see others in their beauty.

I look forward to creating ever deeper understanding and offerings of pleasure to the Divine.

Till next time.


About KrisEllen

Kris Ellen, Professional Sensualist is a Healer, Touch and Intimacy Coach, and Educator. She lives in California and travels the United States offering her gifts. Her passion is to honor and Serve humanity by creating a dialogue to engage the Mind, Body, Spirit. She is blessed to have worked with hundreds of people leading to the inspirational catalyst for change and growth in their lives. She hosts the Bay Area Sacred Sexuality Meet up, and facilitates sessions for Men, Women and Couples to help them create fulfilling, embodied life choices.
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