A great start…massage class.

My first massage class with couples was a wonderful experience.

A big thank you to the couples who attended and shared an evening of candlelight and sensual massage.

We had a lovely time. Celebrating the pleasures of sensuality in a consensual and open environment. Boundaries were honored, and couples were asked to communicate prior to the class. It takes a lot of courage to get naked in front of other people and share the pleasures of one’s body.

To take that big first step and honor where you are, and how you feel is a wonderful tool that shows us where there’s yet work to do and what we need to do to face our fears.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my passion of sensuality, and the knowledge learned over the years with those who seek it.

From what I hear, there’s interest in the areas of Female Ejaculation (G-spot stimulation and anatomy, also called Female Sacred Spot), and Prostate (also called Male Sacred Spot) stimulation, anatomy and massage techniques.

When I was in college I did a presentation on Female Ejaculation. I am sad that the information although out there in the world has not made it to every woman in our community. Still people are not sure what their bodies are doing, and the information is out there! I hear you, sisters. Let us spread the knowledge and awaken our bodies. Let’s revel in the possibilities of pleasure!

More to come 🙂

About KrisEllen

Kris Ellen, Professional Sensualist is a Healer, Touch and Intimacy Coach, and Educator. She lives in California and travels the United States offering her gifts. Her passion is to honor and Serve humanity by creating a dialogue to engage the Mind, Body, Spirit. She is blessed to have worked with hundreds of people leading to the inspirational catalyst for change and growth in their lives. She hosts the Bay Area Sacred Sexuality Meet up, and facilitates sessions for Men, Women and Couples to help them create fulfilling, embodied life choices.
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