Here are just a few of the *quality sex education* courses Kris Ellen offers. If you are interested in sponsoring her at your University or event, please complete the information request below.


Introduction to Sensual massage for couples.

This experiential class teaches couples tips and tricks on how to create a enjoyable and pleasurable massage experience. With a brief anatomy lesson, the majority of this offering is a chance for two people to explore the pleasure of the senses together with other couples in the space. Kris Ellen guides the room with a live demonstration, and offers expert help to couples who desire to put a little more Zing into their sex life.

Fun with Cocks!

This fun class offers anatomical information, as well as tips and tricks of how to please your favorite cock. The oral Arts are discussed, as well as gender neutral play possibilities.

Sacred Sensual Playshop.

Dive into the 5 senses for a Journey you will not forget. This facilitated explore will guide you to meditate on each sense, being fully present with your Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste, and Smell. Experience the pleasure of your physical body as you dive deeper into the pleasurable possibilities of this world.

Exploring the Sacred Sensual.

What does it mean to be Sacred? What is Ritual? This class is a Introduction to the Sacred Sensual. What it means to you, and how you can share it with another.  With a brief exploration of different philosophical traditions (Tantra, Taoism) we will dive into the fertile waters of Sacred Sexuality.

Spank and Tickle: Exploring the Kinky Arts.

This Introduction to Bondage, Domination, Sadomasochism is the perfect teaser for those who are looking to explore their Kinky side. A little spice to add to the culinary pallet of our sexual lives. We will explore communication, negotiation, and the ways in which to keep play safe, sane and consensual.

Men’s Health: Prostate Health and Awareness.

This anatomy class discusses the male Prostate and how to bring awareness to this often over looked aspect of male sexuality. Prostate massage is discussed, as are other alternative, preventive health care options for Men.

Women’s Health: Breast Self Exam Basics.

Breast health and self exam techniques are discussed in this informative class.

Yoni Adventures 101.

Get out your speculum, this class is designed to bring empowerment and experiential wisdom to women who are ready to get to know their most intimate physical structure. Often times when our bodies are not explored, we have very little idea of the reality of what we look like, and what is “normal”.

This class is a great opportunity in a safe space to see what you look like, and learn the anatomy of your own body. Empowering and thought provoking this class will give you more choices with how to make love to yourself, and/or how to share yourself with others.

Introduction to Erotic Role Play.

This Introduction is a great way to explore role play in a safe, and fun environment. Learn the different parts of a scene, and how to best create your own night of fun and frolic.

Ladies Night! Sex Toys 101.

Women’s Sexuality. Miss Bliss Health Expo.

Women’s Sexual Empowerment. Ladies Night. At Backroom Boutique.

Cuddle Party: Intimacy, Touch and Communication workshop facilitator.

Sedona Sacred Sexuality Conference 2010: Sedona AZ. Polyamoury panel discussion presenter.

Sedona Sex and Consciousness Conference 2012: Sedona AZ. Women’s Empowerment Symposium facilitator.

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Kris Ellen is honored to have taught at Humboldt State University, UC Davis, Good Vibrations, Mystique Boutique, Backroom Boutique, in privet homes, and Temple spaces all over the West Coast. She is dedicated to offering quality sex education for All. For more information on any of these classes please contact her today.

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