You know something is not quit working in your Relationship. You have tried with various levels of success to talk yourself into books, tapes, magazine articles and self help guides. Exhausting!

All that work, and you still have some fundamental questions on how you can get your sexual expression needs met, how you can communicate with your partner sharing: what is important to you, and how to connect deeply with your beloved when there is this often unspoken challenge between you.

Sometimes a knowledgeable guide is just the right blend of wisdom and experience to get you to where you KNOW you desire to go.

Just a few valuable benefits of personal sex coaching with Kris Ellen:

*a Professional relationship which holds you accountable for the growth and change in your Life. This ongoing support will aid you in actualizing your goals, and dreams for the future…today!

*a knowledgeable guide to a trunk full of tools which are applied to your unique challenges.

*an expert mirror who offers compassionate and yet firm witness to your personal journey.

*a compassionate witness to aid you on your journey . You find empowerment and hope in our work together.

I specialize in:

Addressing desire discrepancy in committed couples.

Offering compassionate communication tools for couples team work building! You can do this together.

Sharing practical wisdom and a safe space to explore your tender, vulnerable feelings.

With over 10 years of Professional experience, I am honored to bring my gifts to share with you.

Still do not know if we are a good match to work together? Call for your free 20 minuet conversation to see for yourself. Listen to the sound of my voice, hear the passion and desire to help you! Ask questions,and receive answers which can help you *TODAY* (click here) to get your free 20 minute coaching session today.





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