“Your care and commitment to others is really wonderful. Thank you for sharing that in all the ways you do. “ S

“Kris Ellen creates a safe space, which is essential to the healing process.  I highly recommend time with Kris Ellen if you wish to connect to your deeper needs and discover new awareness of self.” B.A

“Thank you so much for your insight and enlightening presence today. I did not expect to spend so much time with you. It was nice to talk to someone who so clearly understands their path and what they want to do with their life. I would suggest a butterfly as your symbol. Helping to bring people out of their cocoons so to speak. Or rather their chrysalis. I am thinking of the Monarch. Adults must not lose the art of play. Thanks.” L

“You have such an intuitive insight into sensuality.” C

“Kris Ellen you are a stunning sensual being – I love the space you hold and the solid ground you stand on inside of your love and gift for sensual expression. You provided open space for us to all step into under your integrity and loving guidance.” J

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