Kris Ellen: Professional Sensualist

Kris Ellen: Professional Sensualist

I grew up in the rich culture of a family who celebrated nature, and the natural rhythms of Life. My parents shared with me the pleasure of the senses with camping trips all over California (where I grew up). The land was my playground, I spent much of my life dreaming up stories with Prince Charming and the Beautiful Princess.

I started my search for Prince Charming with a passion for advocacy of Sexual Rights at an early age. In high school I dressed up for “Era Day” as “The 90’s a Sexual Revolution”, offering condoms and conversation to my fellow students. I was sure, if I could just educate my fellow school mates about the joys of conscious sexuality the Beautiful Princess would be seen by her Prince Charming. I attended a 4 year University and received a BA in Political Science  with a emphasis on the politics of sexuality, as well as a minor in Psychology. Taking all the Human Sexuality classes I could, I fell in Love. In love with the beautiful, natural, healthy sexuality that our society has failed to teach us about.

In the course of my journey, I  became a Certified Sex Educator from San Francisco Sex Information, I went to Massage school and received my Holistic Practitioner Certification , I thought for sure my Ordination program in Metaphysics would show me the way to my dear Prince, and yet with all the wisdom I gathered he was no where to be found. I studied in graduate classes at the Institute of Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, spent time in many classes with the intention of becoming the most beautiful maiden in all the land, finally while attended Foundations of Facilitation I caught sight of him disappearing around the corner.  As I ran to catch up to with him, I realized I was chasing my own shadow.

Instead of this illusion of Prince Charming, I found something much deeper. I have learned the value of true Intimacy. The feeling of Joy that comes with a person witnessing all of you, and holding you.  After the years of pain, and confusion I have found no matter what my personal sexual expression, or my own personal connection with Intimacy; I am empowered to live the Life of my Dreams.

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email: sensualnymph@gmail.com

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